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We've Been Quiet For A While...

It's been quite some time since I've written a blog post.  We've had quite a few changes that I'd like to introduce to keep you all in the loop!

First things first- we've added a Petersen to our business! Carter was born early September of this year and has kept mom and dad busy. 


Here he is helping mom ship orders! 

We are currently in the process of restocking all of our products, so please bear with us as we wait for things to filter in.  We plan to have an end of the year sale on our Petersen LEDs once we are stocked up.

Part of mine and Jeff's plan since we've started Petersen Parts was to carry Agricultural parts on our site.  Jeff tends to fix a lot of equipment when he's not busy farming or selling lights (or being a dad), and it's important to him to make parts available that aren't going to cost an arm and a leg.  We now are offering aftermarket parts and partnering with a few other businesses to offer more aftermarket equipment LEDs on our website. We still plan to keep our own LED lights, there may just be a transition as we get a feel for what products we want to keep/add/subtract.  We also will be changing/updating the website so look for changes with that as well. 

Aside from this, fall is quickly approaching.  Here in the midwest, we've already seen temperatures in the low 50's and high 40's, which reminds us winter is slowly approaching!  Stay tuned for upcoming sales as winter is the perfect time to add or redo your indoor lighting! 

Thank you for being Petersen Parts customers, we appreciate each and every one of you. 

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