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Unique Applications for Our 2' LED Lights

    It's always interesting when a customer tells us how they've utilized one of our lights for a way other than what we would think to use it for.  Our 2' T8 Integrated Lights don't get very much love; the 4' version is always being used to relight shops/buildings/etc, but there are so many unthought-of applications for the 2'.  Here are some of our favorites that either our customers have passed on to us, or we've utilized ourselves.  

Trouble light 

Purchase a 2' Integrated light and one of our 110 plugin cords and you've got an instant light that's perfect for working under vehicles or on equipment. 

Under Cabinet Lighting

We've had a couple of people use these lights as under cabinet lighting.  Whether it be kitchen cabinets, Hutches, Curio Cabinets, it doesn't quite matter.  The application is a good idea for a quick way to add extra lighting. 

In a Closet 

When we built our house, we had planned to use our lights as much as possible in our home.  While we used the 4' lights in areas like our laundry room, basement, and utility room, the 2' lights worked really well inside of closets! You can add them to the ceiling or the sidewalls, or even integrate within your closet system! Their size provides many opportunities, especially if you're working with a small closet. 

Outdoor Deck Lighting

Let me start out by stating that our T8 Integrated Lights ARE NOT waterproof rated, and this idea is probably one of the more unconventional applications we saw! We had a customer mount the hardware so the lights sat horizontally along the deck rail.  They had outdoor outlets, so anytime they were outside at night they would carry their lights (with 110 plugin cords attached), snap them in their mounting hardware, and plug them in.  Granted, not everyone wants to carry a light out with them and snap it in place when they go outside, but we got a kick out of the idea and it provided great lighting! 

Entryway Lighting 

Last but not least, a good application for these are inside entryways.  They tuck nicely inside doorways in garages, back rooms, and mudrooms.  Due to their easy install and small size, they are the perfect solution for additional lighting.


Do you have a unique application for any of our lighting? Let us know! Otherwise, we hope these offered some ideas on how to add new lighting to your home/office/shop.

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