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5 Ways To Utlilize LEDs On Your Farm This Fall

Ahh fall time- around here that means harvesting, late nights, cool temperatures, and upping our lighting game; yep, every fall when the days get shorter Jeff seems to find something new to add LED lighting to.  

Here are 5 ways YOU can integrate LEDs onto your home or farmplace.

1) Tractors and Combines

Did you know that the leading cause of farming accidents is transportation related?  Adding LEDs to your tractor or combine can drastically improve your line of sight when working after the sun goes down.  In fact, Jeff was out in the field and I was able to tell he was out there (because of the lights) from 4 miles away- FOUR MILES! Bad lighting can also have an effect on your eye health, so help your peepers out and upgrade your lighting.

2) Farm Shops and Cold Storage

This is the biggest reason people come to us looking for lights- relighting your shop or cold storage areas.  While the cost can add up quickly, we offer bulk discounts on orders over 20 and 100 lights.  A lot of customers will do their shops in sections over time to cut down on the cost, and a lot of our customers also receive rebates from their local power company to help with that cost as well.

3) Safety/Security Lighting

One of the best things we ever did was install our IP65 Solar LED light outside of our shop door.  It stays dimly lit all night until it detects motion, where it then lights up to 100% power. It not only serves as a security light but adds a little bit of yard light so we can safely get to the entryway. We have a wide array of floodlights and wall packs that serve just this purpose as well.  If you're looking for something small go with our Mini LED Wall Pack (don't be fooled by the name, these suckers are bright.  For reference, we have 2 of these spaced out on the front of our house and usually only need 1 on).  If you're looking for something to light up the whole yard go with one of our Flood Lights, or the Dusk to Dawn LED

4) Sprayers

Ok, I know most people don't spray in the fall, but a select few do.  Our Blue Sprayer Light gets mounted on the boom so you're able to see your spray pattern when spraying at night!

5) Above Work Stations

As with planting, Harvest time can mean working on repairs to equipment.  If you end up doing any lathe/millwork or end up standing over a workbench putzing around with something, this can lead to a lot of strain on your eyes.  We highly recommend putting our Double Row Integrated LED lights above workstations.  We actually have a lot of women that buy these for above their sewing machines as they need that extra light to see what they're doing. This light has two rows of LEDs that are angled towards each other to offer a clean light span for whatever you're working on.   

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