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The Best-lit Stadium They've Ever Seen

Many sports venues today are turning from traditional Metal Halide (MH) lighting to LED lights. Whether it be amateur or professional sporting, LED’s are making an impact and a difference in the way stadiums and arenas are lit to enhance the viewership and play of the game. Here is just another example of the better quality in lighting and savings that LED’s give.

A few years ago, a company was asked to upgrade the lighting at the University of Phoenix Stadium, where the Arizona Cardinals NFL football team play. The existing 780 MH lighting fixtures at the stadium were replaced with 312 LED light fixtures. When all was said and done, the change in lighting had made the stadium brighter. Afterwards, the company that had installed the LED lighting sent a Fox broadcasting crew in to certify their companies work. The Fox broadcasters described it as “the best lit stadium they’ve ever seen”.

If you happen to go to a sporting event that still uses MH lighting or even High-Pressure Sodium lighting, maybe they should consider the three main reasons as to why those stadiums who have already switched to LED lighting did so in the first place:

  • To reduce their energy bill.
  • To reduce their cost of maintenance.
  • To achieve better quality lighting.

I think it’s safe to say LEDs provide a well-lit environment for all in attendance!



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