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Cash in with LEDs!

The biggest known downfall to LEDs is the startup cost- it is spoken about in many blogs, on web pages, and through conversation that the cost to convert to them can quickly add up!  We, as a small business, strive to keep our prices competitive, but depending on the amount of area you are lighting sometimes the pricey upfront cost is just inevitable.

Our main solution to this is telling our customers to contact their local power company or Co-op and ask about what energy-savings rebates are available to you before you decide to make a purchase.  Due to the fact that LEDs use less power and last longer than traditional lighting,  most of them are eligible for a one-time rebate (if they are properly certified).  Depending on where you are located, you could see almost a 50% return on your purchase price- how’s that for a startup cost?!

The links below are just a few examples of some of the rebate programs some of our customers have used.  Contact your power company to see what rebates they offer before you decide to make your purchase.  

Redwood Electric Coop (Redwood County, MN)

Brown County REA, MN

Excel Energy, MN

MidAmerican Energy, Iowa

Hopefully this article helped shed some light on your situation!  

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