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A quick run through of the lights we offer

Sometimes when you sell a product or do a certain job for a while you get a certain understanding of things that you think everyone else knows, but a lot of times people come to us with no knowledge of LED lighting- and that's ok, that's what we're here for!  I thought I would do a quick overview of all the 4' indoor lighting we offer to help customers better understand how they can be best implemented.  

4' lights 

We offer 4 different styles of 4' lights: The fluorescent replacement, The T8 Integrated LED light, The Double Row Integrated LED, and the Triproof LED light.  

Fluorescent Replacement LED light 

The fluorescent replacement is just that- a LED light that will replace a fluorescent T8 or T5 light.  We recommend these for customers that already have fluorescent fixtures in their space.  This is our cheapest 4' light and can be an easy and quick swap.  To use your existing fixture, you will need to bypass the ballast- which we give you instructions to do. This is also offered in an 8' light with many different pin styles to help meet your needs.

The T8 Integrated LED light

This light is essentially its own fixture- there is no fixture required, and there are two stainless steel clips that you screw to your ceiling, beams, etc., and the light clips right in.  You supply power to the first light and connect lights thereafter with connector cords which are supplied.  This light has a 180° beam angle and helps to spread light out, eliminating shadows.  We recommend this for new constructions, where there's a clean slate to start with.  A lot of people have, however, eliminated their fluorescent fixtures and started over with this lighting option.

The Double Row Integrated LED light 

The Double Row is essentially the same concept of the T8 Integrated light, however, there are two rows of LEDs.  It isn't twice as bright as the T8 integrated light; it actually has a narrower beam angle of 130° so it makes for a great concentrated light over a workbench, machinery, etc.  

The Triproof Integrated LED 

The Triproof is our waterproof option.  It is IP66 rated, which means it has been tested and rated to be dust-proof and waterproof.  It is designed the same way the integrated lights are where they are the fixture, and two clips hold them to the ceiling.  The few main implementations we have had people use these in are hog barns, car washes, and machinery/mechanic shops.  

Hopefully, this helped you get a grasp on the different lights we offer!  Keep checking our website as we will soon have the Double Row Integrated LEDs available in 40 watts with a180° beam angle, and the Triproof Integrated LED in a non-waterproof option for a lower price.

Hopefully this article helped shed some light on your situation! 

Comment below or contact us- we're always here to help!

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