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Double Row Integrated LED Bulk Package (1280-1745 Square Feet)

$ 760.00 $ 800.00

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This package comes with everything you need to light up a shop, workspace, or garage.  This is ideal for 1,280 square feet of working space or up to 1,745 square feet of non-working space (cold storage, etc).

Comes with:

  • 20 Double Row Integrated LED lights 
  • 10" connector cords (included in box)
  • End-to-end connector cord (to mount directly to each other- included in box)
  • Power Pigtail for hard-wiring (included in box)
  • Ideal for 10' ceilings and above (for best light spread)

If you do not wish to hard-wire this product, you will need to purchase a 110 power plugin.  We also have additional-length connector cords if you wish to space your lights out further. Square footage is figured by LxW of area size.

These lights qualify for any rebates offered through your power company.  Please see the store page for the Double Row Integrated LEDs for further specs.

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