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Why LED?

Less power consumption

LEDs use up to 60% less power for the same useable light. Additionally, LEDs do not use a ballast. Fluorescent ballasts use up to 5 watts on top of the bulb consumption. This results in a very short payback time.

Less maintenance

LEDs have a lifespan of 50,000 hours. Unlike other forms of light, there is no need for constant bulb or ballast replacements. LEDs also do not dim or lose light as fast as fluorescent lights do. It takes about 25,000 hours for an LED to even begin to dim.

Not affected by cold temperatures

Unlike other forms of lighting, LEDs require no startup time regardless of temperature. The LEDs are instant 100% power at any temperature, even as cold as -30 F

No harsh chemicals

LEDs do not contain mercury like other lights. 95% of the light is recyclable.

No glass to break

Our lights use an aluminum housing with shatterproof poly-carbonite lens. If for some reason the bulb is struck or dropped it will not shatter.