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Object in building comparison

How do objects in a building change light distribution? As we can see below, all four examples have the same dimensions. The top two examples have 540,000 total lumens with 45,000 lumen fixtures. The bottom examples have 525,000 total lumens with 15,000 lumen fixtures. But, if you notice in the left two, the bottom one has more light into the corners. This is due to the fact that we have fixtures closer to the wall while not sacrificing spacing

If we look at the right two examples, we can see what a large object does to the light distribution. The uniformity in the top example drops down to 44%. Looking around the object we see light levels down to nearly 50% of what the building is empty. This is a major disadvantage as around the object is likely where work is going to take place. In the bottom example we still see shadowing but not nearly as extreme as the top example. The uniformity only drops 2%. This is because less of the total lumens in the building are blocked by the object.