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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer any large order or bulk discounts?

Yes, once you reach 100 lights on an order, we offer a 2.5% discount.  You can use the coupon code: ORDER100 when placing an order online.

How can I receive a discount on my order?

If you subscribe to our newsletter (sign-up located at the bottom of our home page) you will receive an email each month that may include sales we are having or exclusive coupons for your order.

Do I need to buy a kit to install my lights?

No, everything that you need to properly mount and power the light is included in the individual box with the light.  If you want to space your lights out further than with the 10” connection cord included, you can check out some of the additional connector cords in “all products”.  We also offer 110 plugin cords if you would rather just plug your lights into an outlet as opposed to direct-wiring them. 

Where do your lights come from?

Our lights are manufactured in China.  Currently, there is no place in the United States that manufactures the actual LED light.  Some companies claim to be assembled or manufactured in the United States, and some may even be United States companies, but the only place you can actually get the LEDs are from overseas.

How do I get a discount from my electric company?

Please contact your local power company.  There are times where you have to call the people that supply the power company with power, and they may offer rebates.  You will need to give them the product number that is printed on the side of the actual product.

How many lights do I need?

Stay-tuned! We are currently working on a custom-built calculator that will help you figure this out.  Until then, feel free to call us at 507-225-0286 and we can help you figure this out.  Otherwise, all of the lumens are listed on the specific product listings.

My order is back-ordered.  When will I receive my lights?

Thank you for your patience, we appreciate your order! You can call 507-225-0286 ext. 2 to get an update on when back-ordered items will ship.  If ordered on the website, you will also receive an email once your order ships out.