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8 foot T8/T12 retrofit kit

8 foot T8/T12 retrofit kit

$ 28.50

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Each kit includes two 4' sections to create one 8' bulb. Order one kit for every one 8' bulb you are replacing.

These 2 piece 8' LED tubes are the perfect solution for old T8/T12 fluorescent bulbs. They provide 30-40% more light output while consuming less than 1/2 the power and eliminating troublesome ballasts. The two piece design allows for easy installation while saving money on shipping costs. Will include both FA8 and R17D end caps. 

View installation instructions here.

Features: Double ended power Type B

  • Double ended power Type B
  • 36W
  • 4200 lumens
  • 5000K or 4000K color
  • Easy to install 2 pieces combined into 1
  • Bracket included to prevent rotating and bending
  • Input voltage is AC110V-277V
  • Low maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No mercury
  • Recyclable

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