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40w Swivel Side Mount light - Petersen Parts

40w Swivel Side Mount light

$ 93.99

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Side mount double swivel Universal Light

These lights have filters that will eliminate unwanted radio and electromagnetic frequencies from external sources. Their die-cast aluminum housing/heatsink gives them long-lasting durability for a high quality and long service life. Aluminum housing is specifically designed to dissipate heat away from the internal electronics, which increases light output and improves performance. This light is designed to handle severe environmental conditions.



  • Tiger Lights TL3070 Light
  • 6.5" x 3.5" x 3" (W x H x D)
  • Flood beam pattern
  • 3,600 effective lumens
  • 8 LED's
  • 40 watts
  • 3.3 amp draw
  • Input voltage: 12-Volt to 24-Volt
  • Swivel side mount
  • Plug and play wiring for easy install
  • Use original mount and wiring
  • Includes connector, adapter, swivel mounting bracket and hardware

Replaces front or rear upper cab, or handrail light.
Manufacturer's Limited Lifetime Warranty

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