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What's a Troffer?

Some of the common everyday uses of LED lighting can be found in downlights, outdoor lighting areas, and ceiling troffers.  There are so many more applications the LED lighting could benefit, but these are just a few to keep in mind.


These are lights placed or designed so as to throw illumination downward. This includes recessed ceiling lights inside homes and buildings, and outside under overhangs that provide security lighting for entryways or exits.

Outdoor Lighting Areas

This includes fixtures that provide lighting for streets and parking lot areas. These two types are well- suited for LED technology primarily because LED directionality can be used to provide light only where it is needed, almost completely diminishing the use and waste of unwanted light.  Let's not forget residential backyards and driveways as well.

Ceiling Troffers

These are rectangular fixtures that fit into modular dropped ceiling grid (usually 2’ x 2', or 2' x 4').  They are usually recessed sitting above the ceiling grid, but can also include surface mount boxes as well.  Many commercial buildings such as schools, offices, hospitals, etc. depend on these for adequate lighting.

So, the next time you enter a building, especially during the evening, try to take notice as to where and what type of lighting is being used to illuminate the path to your destination.  There is a good chance that most of these applications could benefit from LED lighting- or quite possibly they already do!

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