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What Makes Our Company Different From Big-Box Stores?

We get asked all the time, "Why should I buy from you instead of getting them at [Insert Big-Box Store/Massive Online Company Name Here]"? 

My first answer to this is going to be what any small business owner is going to say "You see those shoes on my child's feet?  You helped pay for them".  Supporting small businesses is so much more personable and hits more to home because you are directly helping to support that family's livelihood.  This is the reason we try to treat our customers with the best service possible.  Not to mention if you have an issue with your products or shipping or anything with your order, we are going to be the ones that deal with you directly to fix it.  We care about your purchase and to us you are not just another number in the checkout line.

The more technical reason behind why you should buy our products over others is that we personally designed the products to work best based on what we didn't like from products within large companies.  We have gone through all the different distributors and factories we could have our lights manufactured through with a fine-tooth comb, and only offer you the best (this includes being made with Cree or Philips drivers, aluminum housings, and polycarbonate interchangeable lenses). 

You see, when we first started this business we went through a learning phase.  We learned that Big Box Stores often take pallets of LEDs that were left at the port in foreign countries because they get a good price on them.  We also learned that the materials in the lights from those stores are not sustainable and will actually give the light a shorter life-span.  There are a lot of little factors that give you a good, quality light- and we have combed through them to deliver the best products for you. 

The last (but not least) point I want to reiterate is the customer service. Do you want to drive to the store, wait in line, only to be told this item doesn't have a warranty and you are just stuck with it?  Or would you rather call us up, speak with Jeff or I directly where we'll tell you we'll ship you a warranty light (within 5 years of purchase) for free? 

As a disclosure I have nothing against Big-Box stores, I shop there a lot in fact for certain items I need regularly, but if you're investing your hard-earned money into a transaction such as this, don't you want to know you're getting the best? 


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