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The Unique Uses of LED Lighting

LEDs are being used worldwide these days for a multitude of things. Applications that were once dominated by high-energy consuming bulbs that were sometimes not so friendly to the environment are now being phased out and replaced with LEDs. Lighting for office buildings, warehouses, schools, stadiums, barns, churches, households, and vehicles. Both private and commercial practices are benefiting from lower energy and maintenance costs, along with better direct lighting. There are even apparel and shoes on the market that have LED lights sewn right into them for style; let’s not forget fidget-spinners as well.

LEDs have greatly benefited society in both safety and security practices for sure. Better street lighting and greater outdoor visibility around buildings and areas where vigilance is a must. Stop-lights, emergency vehicles, high towers, bridges, the list just goes on and on. Not much more can be said...or can it?

LEDs also have a role to play in marketing and advertising as well. Here are two quick examples – a standard one and a revolutionary one. The plain one is the photo for the blog post, where the candy is being displayed with LED lighting for greater visibility. You don’t have to worry about the candy melting with properly designated LED lighting to show it off. The other not-so-plain example is the link given below that shows an advertisement in WIRED magazine that utilizes LED lights to show the various colors the product comes in.

Just another example how this revolutionary style and function of lighting is taking things to a whole different level.  I'm sure it's safe to say the possibilities are endless in how you can integrate LEDs into the present and into the future.

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