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Christmas Gift-Giving Guide

The holidays can be difficult when it comes to gift-giving, so we've compiled a list of things for everyone on your list based on our customer favorites! 

For The Farmer

Farmers can be difficult to shop for (since half of my family are farmers, I can completely relate).  Usually, if there's something they would like they buy it right when they need it.  Regardless, here are a few items we recommend that they can benefit from:

-The T8 Integrated LED or the Double Row Integrated LED

If they have a shop or a workspace, these are great.  It really only takes a few of these installed for them to realize switching their shop to these will change their life.  The smooth and even light make it great for working on equipment any time of the day.  Plus, these operate great in cold weather.

-The John Deere 6,7,8xxx Series Replacement

 Perfect for switching out lights on John Deere 8X00 and 8X10 tractors.  For John Deere 6000, 6010, 7000, and 7010 models it fits the rear, beltline and stubble lights.  They will never be left in the dark again.

-The John Deere 2x5 Replacement

 This light works well with John Deere 55 and 60 series hoods, and 6000-8010 roof lights.  Because it's 50% brighter than the factory light, it makes a great addition to any tractor!

-The Triproof Integrated LED

 For all those that have milk cows, cattle, hogs, you name it- this light can stand up to all of the elements (cold, water, debris, etc).  On top of this, these lights will also lower their power cost.


For The Mechanic

We offer a number of products that are beneficial to a mechanic.  Here are a few that we recommend:

-The T8 Integrated LED Light

 This is excellent for garages and shops as it cuts back on lighting costs, offers a smooth, clean "daylight" look, and makes it much easier to see what you're working on. 

-The LED Linear High Bay

 This light is the perfect solution for machine shops and large garages.  Easily replace your fluorescent fixtures and give yourself the ability to see what you're doing in a bright white setting.

-The T8 Integrated LED Light- 2'

 We have actually had many mechanics get this light in a 2' length and use it as a trouble light.  Purchase an 8' 110 plugin for power connection and you're set!


For The Outdoorsman


We offer a range of lights that fit off-road and outdoor vehicles.  Below are just a few we offer.

-LED Light Bars



For The Homeowner

While our lights may seem geared towards farmers, our lights are extremely useful in homes.  Here are a few lights and suggested uses:

-T8 Integrated LEDs

 This light has been a great hit in basements and garages.  My parents actually switched out the lights in their laundry room, and every time I go home I'm amazed at how clean and well-lit the lighting looks. 

-High-Powered Integrated LED 

 This is a perfect light for your standard garage; it offers a little more durability than the T8 Integrated, yet offers the same clean, bright look.

-IP65 Solar LED light

 This light is excellent for outdoor lighting, and because it's solar-powered the installation doesn't get any easier.  Stick it above a garage, an entryway, or any area you need that extra bit of light.  The solar panel is not attached to the light on this product which means your installation location is not limited.

For The Women In Your Life

There are many lights you can gift to the women in your life.  The most common light sold to women is the T8 Integrated LED light and the Double Row Integrated Light.  Here are some common places I appreciate these lights:

  • Above workbenches
  • Above sewing machines   
  • In the laundry room 
  • Closets 

Another light that has personally been utilized by myself is the T8 Integrated LED-Motion Sensing Light.  Here are the places we've put this:

  • In the garage for extra light 
  • Closets
  • In the office and shop for lighting before accessing the main lights 


For The Person That's Difficult To Buy For

When all else fails, give them the gift of a Petersen Parts Gift Card and let them choose their own gift! 


Good Luck with your purchases this year and have a Happy Holiday Season!

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